Sunday, July 11, 2010

Has Facebook Fatigue Set In?

Numbers always speak volumes in my world but sometimes it's whats behind the numbers which intrigues me.

While some will look at the May / June new accounts in social networking behemoth Facebook user base as modest you have to factor in the change of seasons, school and graduations, holiday and vacations. But then again as this article from Wired suggests: have we become Facebook fatigued?

With over 41 percent of Americans already using Facebook in some capacity I do see a decline in the interactions and frequency of use. This could translate into less "hype" from those already on it or perhaps it's translated into a "blah" syndrome that isn't exciting newbies from joining.

I don't know if as a culture we have reached a saturation point, certainly you can't seem to escape the media attention, the groups and individuals who are capitalizing on the "fan" and "like" aspects. Calls to action remain specific to what tugs at the heart strings - giving for causes still remains a challenge but that's not surprising given the demographics and generational expectations of how this medium is being used.

Let's not kid ourselves, Facebook / Twitter - none of that is going away as it's now part of the everyday medium, but I do see more niche services using the same approach. Take the UK based service: SkinBook. I'm not kidding, social networking for people who accept nudist as the norm . . . don't worry the link is the Time Magazine article, you can click and be safe!

Hey I'm no prude and to each his own as they say but it shows to what levels of connecting we are looking to go when services of this type are popping up all over the net. And here's something else to consider, Full Emersion in the Cyberworld is Coming meaning within 10 years so much of what we do will be virtual that Facebook and Twitter will become folklore.

I wonder who my avatar will be in 10 years?

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