Sunday, February 26, 2012

Social Addiction - is there a cure?


I want a new drug ... One that won't hurt my head ... One that won't make my mouth too dry ... Or make my eyes too red - I think Huey Lewis and News were way early on their prediction yet spot on when you compare the addictive traits of Pinterest.

Today as I was pulling together my slide deck for an upcoming Call-On Congress 2012 presentation related to Social Advocacy and Colorectal Cancer awareness ( shameless plug - thank you ) I came across fellow Google+ guru Julio Ojeda-Zapata piece on the three emotional stages of new social networks. In this case Pinterest which will make a nice addition to my presentation and the potential addiction is a topic.

I'm gonna paraphrase Julio a little as I had similar thoughts on the addictive platform so here goes:

- Stage 1 Incredulity: "Another network? Really?"
- Stage 2 Growing Interest: "That looks intriguing, who are all these people posting pins?"
- Stage 3 Bleary-eyed: "Why did I spend all night semi-incoherent pinning, clicking and commenting?"

I'm at stage 2 but fast on the way to stage 3 and I don't know if I can or should stop. I won't go into the details of Pinterest, Julio does a terrific job at exploring the network. But the one item not explored is where the monetary component to this resides.

Never forget, WE ARE THE PRODUCT - so at some point all these "pins" all these comments are getting mined, wrapped and sold. I like knowing that up front before the addiction becomes too overwhelming. They certainly made it easy and making it easy is where the drug begins.

So is there a cure? . . . . of course, it's the next big thing.

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