Sunday, May 27, 2012

Twitter House Cleaning - cool tools do the heavy lifting

I have about 1200 or so Tweeps and in the past I have tried to keep tabs when I get followed who the account is and if I really want them as part of my network.  

I've always felt that as long as they weren't sporting a picture of a bikini and repeated the same post over and over and over ( they call that SPAM?  right ? ) I would allow the follow.


But what I have noticed over the years is that I've let quite a few questionable accounts slip by and in some cases those that I have followed just seem to take up space.  I like an active network, one that is willing to engage, retweet and join in the conversation.

Twit Cleaner is a tool that does some deep cleaning and looks at a slew of account details which I never considered.  I finally feel that I can get my TwitterUniverse to a more zen like place and feel.  

Highly recommend the tool, looking forward to doing some house cleaning.

Be careful out there, and keep those lawn blades sharp!

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