Saturday, January 28, 2012

11 Planning Grants Announced - sacred places and open spaces give us balance


It was many many many years ago I, along with several of my teammates, had the good fortune of being invited to chat with this rather eccentric fellow by the name of Tom Stoner who was at the time exploring how to better market and expand his vision on the Interwebs. That vision: Open Spaces Sacred Places

We had such a good discussion about the various tools, the time it would take, the building of the virtual community . . . it was inspiring to be a small part of such a simple concept which Open Spaces Sacred Places was bringing to the world: providing places of peace and thoughtfulness to those of us who can get so caught up in the stress of everyday living.

It's great to see the successes Open Spaces is having, their Facebook page is a tremendous resource, they are using Constant Contact to distribute eye catching informative newsletters, they have a voice and reach that extends far from their simple offices here in Annapolis.

I know those benches very well and miss having one as close as I did when working at CBF - if you haven't sat on a "pickle barrel" bench made at a Open Spaces Sacred Places location . . . well, you just haven't really sat.

Be careful out there, and keep those lawn blades sharp!

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Monday, January 09, 2012

Hang Outs and Google+

Omgeeee. Peter nailed the simplicity and effectiveness of using Hangouts. Can't wait to try. I luv all the cams he has in the workspace, no hiding!Peter G McDermott originally shared this post:How to Use Google+ Hangouts (A Beginners' Guide)

Using Hang Outs is driving a lot internal buzz but the number one question I keep getting is "Why" - meaning if we are already using GoToMeeting or Skype why do we need Hang Outs? And the best question . . . should we figure out how to use it internally first before trying with partners or outside folks? Training is going to be key but beyond that the tools need to full-fill a real need.

What are you using it for?