Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crude Awakening: BP Oil Spill/NWF Spec PSA

This video, while highlighting the tragedy in the gulf in a very creative and different way, is a pure example of what happens when a supporter takes the power and creativity of social networking into their own hands. It also shows when organizations like NWF can embrace and promote messaging from outside.

I'm reminded of something I read in the new book Network NonProfits from Beth Kanter and Allison Fine - non profits who branch out and can embrace the messaging tools both from inside and outside are doing it right.

Right on "screamvid" or who ever you are that posted this very engaging PSA, your actions are a shining example of how this can work!

- Michael Sola heads up the IT department at NWF, contributing writer to Internet Management for NonProfits, blogger, invited presenter and speaker - he also rarely has to show ID to walk into a pub. Follow him at

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

How is this year's FIFA World Cup a victory for the Amazon Rainforest?

I'm constantly blown away by how NWF engages at so many levels and so quickly. I have been working with a team at our National Advocacy Center in DC who have been focusing on international efforts, Brazil deforestation is one area in particular as it's impact on Global Climate Change is a critical point.

Now before I start on how Soccer or as they call it abroad "football" is playing a role I have to go on record and say I've never been a soccer enthusiast. Perhaps it was the days of watching my kids play what we called "bunch ball" where they would surround the ball in a bunch and move with the ball. Of course seeing the precision of pros placing the ball from one end to another is a skill I certainly don't have but I can appreciate the intensity they play the game at.

It was about a year ago a friend of mine was trying to convince me Soccer was a sport worth following, that the excitement in the stands makes an American Football game look like a tea party - well maybe a Baseball audience, I've some real fever antics happening at a Ravens game. I guess seeing initiatives like Team Amazon bring attention to deforestation in this way reinforces my appreciation of the sport. Now if I can figure out how this "bunching" thing works and who to root for . . .

So follow along NWF's World Cup web page on opening day of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, to raise awareness of the connection between leather products (including soccer balls, cleats, and apparel) and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.

Jonathan Spector, Defender on the U.S. National Team, is showing his support for NWF by "rooting for the Amazon rainforest!" Will you?

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